Review: Mystery Ranch ASAP + OV mods

I began to desire a small mission bag after conducting combat operations in a particular manner that required much lower profiles than what the USGI bags offered. It was something I fully intended on custom ordering from one of the shops I frequent. Until recently the ASAP was one of the only bags that fit my specification. The addition of the AVS1000 is a welcome change to the very small group of 1k cubic inch bags.


There’s not a lot of things I hate about this bag, but I will list what definitely fell out of specification with me. Cancelling sage was a terrible idea. I realize the demand has dropped off steeply now that big army and SOCOM have both for the most part switched to OCP and need matching bags but I felt like sage was a colour that was non-threatening enough to wear out and about in the civilian world while also being a subdued appropriate colour for work. Fortunately, Mystery Ranch has a number of very similar bags in their Everyday section that more than make up for the lack of Sage.


For all interested: The embroidered logo is not removable. I had discussed removing this when I had my bag in at  OV Innovations. It is, unfortunately, nigh impossible to remove. Whether you’re secretive enough to want abraded bags, or simply not wanting to be a walking billboard, here it is.


I’ll admit, this wasn’t one of my specifications when sourcing this bag. A small mission bag should be slick in my opinion. If you need more space get a different bag. I also inquired at OV Innovations about removing this and they indicated we’d have to take apart the entire bag to do so.

The futura yoke and frame sheet are easily one of the best features about Mystery Ranch bags. Its ease of access, adjustability and durability have all been the standard with which I judge most other bags. Due to it being absolutely overbuilt and possessing both a separately articulated yoke and frame sheet means you can carry a lot in these bags. I’ve easily put way more in this bag than Mystery Ranch warranties and it holds up fine.


A lot of individuals seems to disregard the ASAP waist strap. Obviously I have as well to some extent, it is in fact taped up. The waist strap pockets are thoughtful but I have found in experience that they do not work well at all.


Hopefully this is something that comes across well in this picture. The lumbar area of the bag has an extra square of padding.


Something that needs little to no introduction. Myster Ranch’s 3-Zip is iconic and carries a well deserved reputation. The 3-Zip makes slinging the bag forward and opening with one hand a breeze. It’s a favorite of mine and I prefer it over traditional tombstone or panel loaders.


the very top of the bag is armed with a loop panel big enough for your chest flag patch and a name tape if so desired.

There is also a zippered pass through for Comms cables, Camelbak hoses and the like which make configuring that bag for such carry very easy.


The accessory lid on the top of the bag is incredibly spacious with out adding too much flop or height to the bag. It’s allows for you to segregate your small items you may access frequently from what is a main compartment that has sparse organizational elements.


The main compartment features a loop at the top for hanging gear or hanging a Camelbak to ensure it stays flat instead of crumpling to the bottom of the bag.


The main compartment has the MOLLE square on the back of hte frame and two billows. The lack of over compartmentalization allows you to store all sorts of oddly shaped items in here.


My biggest complaint was the lack of quick release on this pack, like many Mystery Ranch packs. I asked a representative over the phone why they don’t offer quick release options and he couldn’t give me a solid answer. Fortunately Mystery Ranch had MQRBs on hand so I had them send me four with my purchase and I had OV Innovations install them for me. I will go into more detail baout this mod in a separate review.

The ASAP is roughly $245.00 from the manufacturer’s website. I am unaware of what the going price is for their international dealers. This bag has sustained a lot of abuse and I am personally happy with the purchase. I’m excited at the prospect of comparing it to the AVS1000.




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