Twin Needle Belt Skin Pad review

I wanted to write a very brief review about something I promptly returned. I originally purchased the belt skin pad to go along with the very cheap and functional Twin Needles Belt Skin as I was debating between a low profile keeper style belt or a belt pad.

The pad itself was very well constructed for the most part.

I noticed the 550 cord loops that were supposed to go around the belt to secure the pad from falling off were too small to fit around my 1.75″ belt. I was able to fold the end of my belt and slide it through, but once it got to the double layer portion of the belt try as I might I couldn’t get it through.

I also noticed the belt pad only had a thin layer of hook running down the middle. I found this to be odd since the layer of loop on the belt skin is much wider. I felt like wider hook would make this feel more secure when you marry the two.

Despite ordering the same sizes for the pad and skin I noticed I had what seemed like 1 foot of extra length of pad that had no loop to hook onto. I was baffled at this point. I quickly checked the Twin Needles website for example photos and it seems that it was designed this way.

I tried several different positions to try and negotiate with the slack length of pad. Ultimately I found that the pad made my holster cant inwards as it gave the GRT plate stand off from my hip. The GRT plate was designed to stabilize off the hip so when I added that extra width it had nothing to lean against and the holster quickly began to sag.

I found the Belt Skin Pad to be incompatible with what I envisioned my belt line to be. I returned the item same day. I will continue to wear low profile keeper belts underneath my riggers belt instead.

The picture found below is the only one I took before returning the item. The red line indicates the length of the pad. The blue line indicates the length of the loop field and belt skin.



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