PMC friendly companies

I wanted to post this as a courtesy to those who are apart of the private military industry.

Often times contractors can not wear multi-pattern camouflage. This can even extend to solid colors that are heavily used by certain government clients like “Coyote Brown”.  With that in mind, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green will not be included as appropriate colourways in this list.

I wanted to curate a list of gear companies that produce readily available nylon gear in non-standard colors. This way a contractor looking to supplement his current issued kit would be confident it would not be gigged by the client side contract manager.

The below listed companies are in no particular order and in no way endorsed by Virgil:
-Olive Drab
-MAS Grey
-Wolf Grey
-Olive Drab
-Olive Drab
-Olive Drab
-Wolf Grey
-Olive Drab
-SDU grey
-Sewer Green
-Wolf Grey
-Wolf Grey
-Crocodile (discontinued)
-Foliage Green (discontinued)
-SOF Khaki (MJK)

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