2 year anniversary

Tactical Inferno is now 2 years old!  The first year the site was live, I didn’t really create a lot of content. However, this year I was able to set time aside to create more content and it was very rewarding.

As the end of the fiscal year draws near, naturally I’ve posted less. Fiscal close means something different for everyone; government workers and units usually get to buy and hire, contractors are focused on bidding and winning last minute contracts. Regardless of who you are, it tends to lead to more activity.

The nature of my job continues to change and as it does I will continue to figure out which direction(s) I want to take my posts and the Inferno itself. A novella I am writing has eaten into time I usually reserve to post on the Inferno.  I look forward to sharing knowledge and pictures of gear as we close this year out.


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