Mayflower/VEL-TYE Ultra Low-vis soft armor carrier

Ultra Low-vis soft armor carrier
-NIJ Certification: IIIA
-SOCOM standard: Meet/exceeds
-Backface Deformation 9MM/.27MMBFD   44MAG/.39MMBFD
-IOTV  standard: Meet/exceeds
-Ballistic Weight: 1.15LB/sq.ft.
-Panel Thickness: 0.23 Inches.
-Berry compliant
– Mayflower colors, silver dust or white

-mayflower construction: 500D (veltye 1000D)

This is one of mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems many less talked about armor solutions.

It was described to me as a bare essentials vest to mitigate life threatening ballistic threats while not compromising concealment.
You will notice that it was essentially a soft armor “plate carrier” offering only protection to the most vital areas of the torso. Both
carriers are capable of holding the OEM soft armor panels from Velocity Systems.

Mayflower’s original interpretation for the carrier was far less robust than the black carrier from Vel-tye. I had commissioned the
Vel-tye carrier as an alternative to Mayflower’s due to both operational and unit requirements.
When I had called Harvey to discuss the project it boiled down to giving him a time table and certain features or standards that
must be met when creating the alternate carrier. Outside of that I decided to let Vel-tye’s years of experience working with the teams
drive the project.

I will outline some of the main differences between the carriers

The Veltye is made out of 1000D cordura with mesh backing where the Mayflower carrier is made out of a thin lightweight nylon. This
lightweight nylon does NOT have the abrasion resistance close to 500D and I was warned that using the ULV plates in the soft armor carrier
would rapidly increase wear.

Both carriers have slim shoulder straps. The veltye is elastic and came with multiple sizes where the Mayflower is adjustable via velcro.

Radio routing loops and elastic pockets on the inside of the cummerbund are present on both carriers and offered a great way to deep conceal
mission essential or sensitive items.

The veltye carrier posessed a fully articulated front flap and kangaroo pouch, loop raid panels on the front and back as well as a drag handle.

Even with the changes in the overall design of the carrier it still maintained a high level of concealability. Admittedly the Veltye carrier was hotter to wear for longer periods of time; however the split elastic cummerbund and mesh backing help.

Overall both solutions were effective in their narrow and limited purpose. The armor and the carrier itself shows a welcome break from the usual trend of wearing more and more armor. Depending on your line of work, the way you present yourself may or may not influence your choice in ballistic vests.


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