S&S LockOut review

“Lock in your valuables and LockOut the environment. The LockOut is a water proof personal storage device. LockOut has an external dimension of 2.5″, and an internal dimension of 2.1” and is water proof up to 120ft.”
-S&S Precision product page


As with the Claymore and various other military items there are stupid-proof directions on the front of the case. The visual direction S&S takes with their products is always distinctive and impressive. They haven’t left any of their flare out of this product either.

The cog like design aids in indexing a proper airtight seal in practice and also according to the directions. The threads on the case are precise and very smooth in closing and opening the container.


The rear of the case is replete with their symbol. Make no mistake that this is a impressively branded product. This is not something to carry if you are looking to blend in with the civil populace.


The case came with a small piece of instruction indicating the O-ring would need maintenance.


The reverse of the instructions came with a thoughtful slogan.


I quickly began to try and find alternative uses for the case outside of it’s implied design of holding dip/chew. I found a small MP3 player and earbuds to fit wonderfully in a pinch.


I attempted to fit a wad of money in the can with no luck. The can is simply to small with out crunching up your money into a tiny ball.


I cut some foam out and was able to stabilize a memory card. Short USBs could also be used. I realize foam holds on to moisture but if this is all you got to protect some data it might work out better than a plastic bag.


I’ve found that the USGI EARPRO case does not hold both Surefire ear plugs with their included acoustic tube for radios. If you routinely use Surefire plugs and an acoustic tube for a radio this might be a fun set up.

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