USTS Headset Cover Review

The USTS headset cover is, as far as I know, one of the only alternative to the OC Tactical headset cover for Peltors and Sordin headsets. Naturally they both aim to help alleviate Comms headaches, Peltors headaches, whatever your unit nicknamed the painful aggravation that is having these things crammed on your head for a long period of time.

USTS headset

The USTS product is described as universal, which usually gives me a feeling of mistrust. They do however list which headsets they allege the cover was specifically designed for. Hilariously enough the COMTAC IIIs are not on there, which is what I purchased the cover for.

USTS headset 2

The color selection for their cover is nothing short of fantastic. It has just about every user group covered in this list. You may ask yourself if the colourway of an accessory item truly that big of a deal. I can assure you it is, depending on the organization you are working for.

USTS headset 3

The headset is thankfully available through their main website or through Amazon for a few dollars more and blazingly fast prime shipping.

Despite not being made for the COMTAC III, the wrap doesn’t come down too far, or otherwise squish the primary cable or impede operation.

USTS actually uses a very strong hook and loop for this particular product. It might be overkill, but I really appreciate knowing it will be just that much longer before it completely wears out.


I’ve yet to really play around with managing cables through the MOLLE channels but I have utilized the plastic D-ring to manage my headset while walking down range to check targets during training. I’m interested in mounting a helmet camera using the MOLLE channels to see how stable it would be.

With out size adjustment, you may find wearing the wrap with a hat may be difficult. I have yet to try it out under a MICH helmet.

All in all, this may be a viable option for those who do not wish to wait for an OC Tactical back fill, or have to have a comms wrap in a particular color.

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