Review: OC Tactical Tan Patch Panel

Before I address the product itself, I wanted to say that for a custom shop, OC Tactical had some insanely fast shipping. Knowing that my purchase was in the mail within 24 hours was a very satisfying experience.

I snagged this patch panel with the intent of organizing and better respecting the units and organizations the patches represent. Prior to purchase, I had a lot of my patches unceremoniously ferreted away somewhere.


I scrapped some patches together and quickly got it hung up. Only two thumbtacks were required to hold it up, despite having metal grommets and backed with 1000d cordura.


Due to the size of the grommets, the thumb tacks will not fit all the way through. This is how much pin you get, and incidentally all you need.

I wanted to ensure there was a clear shot of the bartack at each corner. The fold over on the edge is also heat cut appropriately.


The three lines down the center are all single stitch.


Here is a shot of the TAN499 Cordura backing. The stitching up the middle is very visible from both sides.

The product does include a tag, but it’s pretty tasteful. The manufacturer tag is quite small. I also included a shot for comparison so that it may be understood just how big the grommets are.

Due to the simple nature of the product I think anything else can be covered on the OC Tactical store page or on this page.  The price difference for the discounted panels (the tan patch panels) and the regular solid color ones is four dollars.



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