GUIDE: How to set up VEP backpack straps

I saw that some users were coming through to this site while searching for more info on how to set up the VEP backpack straps so I wanted to take a little time and snap a few photos to hopefully aid that process.


Each shoulder strap is two segments of a fastex buckle strap. The upper portion are angled. You want the angle inwards otherwise the straps will ride on the outside of your shoulders and be very uncomfortable.


This is the end that connects to the bottom portion.


This is what it should look like if you lay it out to assemble the product.


Pass through the bottom of the only webbing buckle available at the top of your bag.


Pull the tail back down through the second passage and you’ve assembled the upper portion of your straps. A word of caution to taping up the slack webbing here. It’s very quick to adjust and can even let out under pressure. Despite that, if you carry irregular loads in here it might be wise to leave room for some length of adjustment. The fact that this bag has no structure at all means what you’ve adjusted your straps to may not fit the minute you put an oddly shaped item into the bag.


Thankfully the lower portion of the straps are just as simple! The VEP contains only one set of straps with fastex buckles that mate to each other. The lower portion have a fastex male end and a loop on the bottom. The lower portion of the shoulder straps connects to the steel D-ring via looping through itself. Be sure to not catch the elastic loop in your knot.


You want to make sure to pull this tight so the strap seats on itself properly. This makes applying the elastic silencer that much easier.


The elastic loop slides of the metal D-ring, preventing marring, clinking or whatever mishaps you might have with exposed metal bits on your load carriage.

Shades of the Inferno: Please do not hesitate to write me or comment for requests or further information. I’m happy to oblige, especially if it’s helping a fellow get his kit in order.

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