Review: Velocity Systems Trigger Gloves

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this review is my opinion based upon my personal experiences.

I happened to finally blow out a pair of my SKD PIG gloves while deployed on a training mission. I didn’t feel like this was a big deal since I had these gloves for years and they’ve served reliably for a long time.

I was able to get a hold of a brand new pair of Velocity Trigger Gloves. I had wanted to try them out for a long time but had no real need to with my surplus of PIG gloves. I was so excited to try them out that I forgot that they were imported from some sweatshop overseas — until I actually began using them.

I took them through maybe a week of training which included regular use of the MK.18, belt feds, AK pattern rifles, 870MCS. In no way do I think the regular use of firearms is outside the purview or intended purpose of the Trigger Glove.

20170519_194929.jpgWithin a week these gloves immediately started to fall apart. Luckily I was able to show how poorly they performed to my entire unit, hopefully saving people from making the same mistake.

20170519_194915The fingers started to blow out and even the stitching on the palms start to unravel. These gloves are absolutely the worst gloves I’ve ever used in my entire career. I was so disgusted with their performance I put off writing the review until now.

Two and half weeks in, these gloves were completely destroyed. All from regular firearms manipulation and shooting.  I ended up borrowing someone’s Outdoor Research gloves for the remainder of training.

I think the most troubling part is that when I approached Velocity Systems about the abysmal performance they were already aware of how terrible they were and despite that, continued to sell them at 40 bucks a pop. They are, however, releasing a new version with alleged improvements to the original design.

Velocity Systems had no desire to talk to me during our exchange and called the catastrophic failure of their glove a “inconvenience” and offered to send a pair of the improved gloves to me in June. When asked about what changes they planned to make and offering feedback on the glove I got this in response:

“They have reinforced stitching, an e tip and the same material.”

I’ve already spent too much time writing, as my intention was to put the same amount of effort into this review as Velocity Systems put into addressing my  complaints, which was next to none.

As someone who’s used Velocity Systems gear as a part of greater agency issuance and have also personally purchased from them I’d say this is beyond disappointing.

The icing on the cake is as follows. The new version of the glove was to be imported and ready for sale at the end of June. It’s now July. I don’t expect to receive any recompense at all for wasting my time and money on such a shit product.

I think this review, and the company’s actions in response to my experience solidify what I’ve said for awhile now. “For the warfighter!” or “at the speed of need!” and all those hypocritical slogans the industry use to pedal their wares couldn’t be more disingenuous.  At the end of the day they care about making money regardless of consequence or whom they affect in doing so. I think it’s well and true a rarity when you encounter a business that really does care about the tactical end-user. Chances are those business are all small custom sew shops and other mom and pop joints.


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