Why I’ll never review LBT inc. gear

I purchased a LBT6094 from LBT inc. back in 2012 for professional reasons. The carrier came with the kangaroo flap ripped at the corners. After contacting LBT inc. about the flaw, I was instructed to send it back (on my dime) for a replacement. I received 2 other replacements, each with stitching blown out on the plate bag or on the shoulder until I finally told them to just refund my money.

I asked for compensation for what, at that point, was over $50 in shipping costs and was flatly told no. The sales manager offered to send me mag pouches as a consideration for the lost money on shipping, which I accepted. To my chagrin at least one of the magazine pouches didn’t even fit on MILSPEC MOLLE.

I’ll never spend money there and the only way LBT will end up in my hands is through agency issuance (which it has recently) and when that happens I probably won’t even review it. I don’t like spending time on companies that don’t care about the end user.

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