Caveat Emptor: Skeleton Optics

I ran across this company while looking for protective lenses and was quite confused. While these are heavily advertised as actual EyePro they list no protection whether ANSI or MILSPEC whatsoever.

When I asked Chase Tactical to please explain the level of protection Skeleton Optics offers and why they are given the description below with out any concrete evidence of ballistic protection I received no response at all.

Why Should I Buy Men’s Military Sunglasses?

We take our eyes for granted. We see with them constantly, so it’s difficult to appreciate the incredible job they do keeping us alert, aware, and capable of the countless unique talents we have. However, they are more vulnerable than other parts of our body to damage from sun, wind, dirt, dust, and shrapnel. Your eyes have a much greater chance of staying healthy and useful if they sport shielding designed for dangerous scenarios. The military and camo sunglasses for men offered at Chase Tactical provide the ultimate protection for those who live for the outdoors. Plus, they come in a huge catalog of awesome styles.

To quote the blog “Breach Bang and Clear” that did a very low energy article on the glasses:

DECOY-MultiCam Black Edition, developed to meet the unique requirements of law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments.”

It seems like there’s an obvious campaign to obfuscate the actual performance of these glasses and advertise them as military EyePro or near-peer to MILSPEC rated EyePro. In order to alleviate this confusion and save myself from preemptively judging or writing off a company, I wrote them an email asking them to explain the level of impact protection they keep eluding to. Naturally I received no written response at all. I could only surmise they did not want to put that in writing and would rather risk losing me as potential customer than have proof that they are running a purposefully misleading advertising campaign.

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