US Border Patrol friendly businesses

Similar to my “PMC friendly businesses” post, I wanted to create a resource for companies that regularly stock the colourway that US Border Patrol regularly use. Despite being an agency with over twenty thousand employees, a lot of companies have eliminated Olive Drab from their regularly available options. Twenty thousand pales in comparison to the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who now use Multicam, I suppose.

Unfortunately like many government organizations uniformity and dress code come before performance. I think that’s why it’s important for people operating under obtuse restrictions to know exactly what options they have available for a personal COTS purchase.

As before, this list is for private COTS purchases and isn’t intended to be used by anyone with agency buying power. Point being is that anyone making a bulk unit purchase could easily get Olive Drab custom ordered.

The companies listed below are not endorsed by Tactical Inferno in any way. In order to  simplify your search I will specify what type of products are offered in Olive Drab. With that said, I will only post companies that are reputable suppliers of equipment: no Airsoft brands.

UPDATED: 23/06/16
-Chest rigs
-Plate Carriers
-Plate carriers
-Chest rigs
-Chest rigs

-Assault packs
-rifle bags

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