ADMIN POST: What I’ve been up to.

No, the site is not dead. As of late I’ve been spending a lot of my free time finishing up a novel. This novel is a part of a larger series and I hope to self-publish via Amazon. Unfortunately this has left me little time to write articles on the Inferno.

While I’ve dedicated little time to the Inferno, I’d like to note I haven’t done too much with my job as of late, which has given me few opportunities to test or use gear. While I did come back this year from a several month stint, I was unable to use personal equipment. Although I have opinions to share about the gear I was issued, my organization forbade me from discussing the gear I am issued.

As an end note, I’d like to say that I plan on covering AUSA and hope to do a better job of photography this time around. My AUSA article was incidentally one of my most popular posts, so I definitely believe I miscalculated on just how much effort I should put in.

I also had a hand forged knife delivered to me a short while ago and plan on writing a review for that as well.

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