Protected: User request: 2-point v. 1-point slings

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2 year anniversary

Tactical Inferno is now 2 years old!  The first year the site was live, I didn’t really create a lot of content. However, this year I was able to set time aside to create more content and it was very rewarding. As the end of the fiscal year draws near, naturally I’ve posted less. Fiscal…

Review: Mystery Ranch ASAP + OV mods

I began to desire a small mission bag after conducting combat operations in a particular manner that required much lower profiles than what the USGI bags offered. It was something I fully intended on custom ordering from one of the shops I frequent. Until recently the ASAP was one of the only bags that fit…

COMSEC SPOT Report: Teslacrypt is dead

As of late May 2016, TeslaCrypt, a manufacturer of ransomware, shut down their command and control network and released the master decryption key for TeslaCrypt versions 3.0 & 4.0. Victims of the ransomware are even being directed to a splash screen containing the master decryption key instead of instructions on how to pay the ransom… review part 2

Finally hammering this last part of the review out was important. I’ve been caught up in work lately but wanted to take some time out of my Sunday to do it. I think most of the relevant and important information one needs to know about the site is already available in the interview.  Despite that…