Guidance on weapons quals

I wanted to address the double speak regarding the “train how you fight” mantra in relation to pass/fail training or qualifications.

Not all pass/fail training or qualifications run under real life conditions. I was recently participating in firearms qualifications for my job – I decided to shoot with my riggers belt set up how I would have it down range and my gloves on. I wanted to simulate as best as possible what I’d most likely be wearing and carrying down range. Other professionals qualifying with me stripped off anything they didn’t have to wear on the range.

I was asked point blank by another professional why I was wearing gloves. He wondered why I would wear something that would potentially impede me from operating a handgun or dull my sensitivity to the trigger reset. I told them I didn’t want to have any advantages during the qualification rounds that I wouldn’t have down range. At the time it was standard for us to wear gloves while in a tactical posture.

An instructor, set of rules or guidelines shouldn’t force your hand when it comes to events like these. In my opinion, you should always approach all training and qualifications events with the same set of standards.  Train and qualify how you fight.

-Tactical Virgil

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